Hearing Protection Is Better Than Cure!

This is what happens if you don't protect your hearing

How to protect your ears from noise

The best defense against noise-induced hearing loss is to stay out of hazardous noise areas. But when spending any amount of time in a noisy environment, use hearing protection devices. When used correctly, hearing protection devices (HPDs) help prevent hearing loss. And always remember, that the discomfort of wearing them, if any, is nothing compared to the permanent effects and discomfort of a hearing impairment or a worsened hearing loss.

Using earplugs or earmuffs can be an effective measure to protect your hearing in noisy environments at work or at play. In addition, handcrafted custom-fitted ear molds with filters are available, often at considerable cost, but well worth the price for those who wear hearing protection frequently.

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Tactical Ear Protectors ,these are the Listening muffs that help protect against harmful noise while amplifying low level sounds. They are a real plus for shooters with less than perfect hearing. Electronics limits amplified sound to 82 dB. Features include easy storage and portability and they are lightweight (8.8oz). Amplifies low-level sounds up to 19 dB. Stereo microphones enhance sound localization. Independent volume controls are standard on each cup.

They are excellent for hunting applications and for persons with pre-existing hearing loss. Impulse noise attenuated immediately. Features dual stereo volume controls. Wide soft padded headband distributes weight while two-point suspension exerts low pressure for comfortable long-term use. Soft liquid foam-filled ear cushions provide added comfort. Four 1.5 V long life AAA batteries provide 200+ hours of service.

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Custom-fitted ear moulds are formable foam earplugs that are often used in work places. The formable foam earplugs will serve most occasional users well, but if not inserted correctly, they may be less than ideal. Earmuffs may, at times, be hot and uncomfortable. And for any hearing protection to serve their purpose, periodical removal in the noisy environment may reduce their preventive effect significantly. For these reasons, new types of custom-fitted ear molds with filters that protect your hearing while allowing you to hear speech and warning signals have been developed.

Despite their higher cost, they have been adopted eagerly in many workplaces, because they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. However, according to the American Society of Safety Engineers there has been some dispute in the past as to their efficacy as claimed by their manufacturers, but significant improvements in design and manufacture have improved the performance of the most recent models to high levels.

Farmers Risk Hearing Loss

78% of farmers believe they have a hearing loss

According to an American study, 78 percent of farmers believe they have hearing loss, a significantly higher prevalence than those found in other comparable groups. Daily life on the farm is characterized by high noise levels from squealing pigs, tractors, ventilation systems and other machinery. As a consequence, farmers are particularly vulnerable to loss of hearing. This is reflected in a prevalence of hearing impairment far above the average found in other groups in the labor market, according to an American study. Similar results were found in earlier Swedish studies.

Extreme daily noise levels

In the US study, 5,000 farmers were questioned about their hearing over a period of 10 years. The study found that 92 percent of the farmers were exposed to extreme noise levels while involved in farming activities. As a result, 78 percent suffered from hearing problems, yet only four percent used hearing aids.

Few protect their ears

Using hearing protection in noisy work conditions should be routine. Yet, only 44 percent of the males in the study said they used hearing protective devices on a daily basis. In Sweden 40 percent of male farmers reported that the used hearing protection. Female farmers were much more likely to protect their hearing, with 78 percent of female Swedish farmers reporting that they used hearing protection. The studies confirmed the importance of wearing hearing protection. Fifty individuals who consistently used hearing protective devices were paired with a group of non-users, and the results showed that significantly less hearing loss occurred among farmers who had worn protectors.

Ear Protection Products

Cleaner Ears Make Sense

Clinere Ear Cleaners offer an innovative approach to removing excess ear wax and build-up. Unlike other ear cleaning products Clinere Ear Cleaners actually remove ear wax rather than pushing it deeper into the ear. The unique dual-end design provides a scoop for removing excess build-up at one end and a massaging head on the other. Clinere Ear Cleaners remove dirt and ear wax build-up that can cause temporary hearing loss and infection.

Ear Wax Removal

Always clean ears with the safe and handy Ear Scratcher.


The Ear Scratcher allows you to clean your ears under optimal conditions.

The spherical shape and dimension of the handle prevents it from entering too deeply into the ear. It is impossible to touch or perforate your eardrum by accident, as the demonstration movie shows.

The smart anatomical dimensions of the Ear Scratcher are your guarantee of complete safety.


The metal loop hooks behind and around the earwax, not pushing it against your eardrum like cotton swabs, which force the earwax back towards the sensitive eardrum.

The loop is made of strong surgical stainless steel which doesn't cause eczema.

So with the help of the scraper it is easy to remove earwax and successfully clean your ears.

Ear Scratcher

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