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Quote from a deaf person

"What Hearing people who work with the Deaf People think of music is not what we Deaf People think.

We value eyes, hands, motion, and rhythm!

These things are the basic elements of communication, language, and art in Deaf culture.

Voices, instruments, and sound are NOT very important in our culture. Our world is a rich, visual world! It is true that many hard of hearing people love music.

Very few people who are "stone Deaf" enjoy music."

Many of us feel intimidated by those who are different from us. It is often hard for people to feel comfortable around the deaf because it is difficult to communicate with them. It is especially hard for one to do three difficult tasks at once: Feel comfortable with someone deaf, communicate with a deaf person, and ask someone out.

However deaf people can do anything.


Deafness is a condition wherein the ability to detect certain frequencies of sound is completely or partially impaired. When applied to humans, the term hearing impaired is rejected by the Deaf Culture movement, where the terms deaf and hard-of-hearing are preferred.

Pre-lingual deafness

Prelingual deafness is hearing impairment that is sustained prior to the acquisition of language, which can occur as a result of a congenital condition or through hearing loss in early infancy. Prelingual deafness impairs an individual's ability to acquire a spoken language, but children born into signing families rarely have delays in language development. Most pre-lingual hearing impairment is acquired via either disease or trauma rather than genetically inherited, so families with deaf children nearly always lack previous experience with sign language.

Post-lingual deafness

Post-lingual deafness is hearing impairment that is sustained after the acquisition of language, which can occur as a result of disease, trauma, or as a side-effect of a medicine. Typically, hearing loss is gradual and often detected by family and friends of affected individuals long before the patients themselves will acknowledge the disability. Common treatments include hearing aids and learning lip reading for deaf people.Post-lingual deafness is far more common than pre-lingual deafness.

Quantify A Hearing Loss For A Deaf Person

Speaking With Your Hands

American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is the natural language of around 500,000 deaf people in the US and Canada. A "natural" language is one that is learned as a first language in childhood. However, few deaf people learn American Sign Language as their first language. Many learn it as their second language and some only use a little ASL, if at all.

Nonetheless, many hearing people are fluent in American Sign Language. ASL is the third most commonly used language in the US.

The most common misconception about American Sign Language is that it is a signed version of English. ASL is not English at all--it is a distinct language with its own grammar and syntax. It is also important to note that Deaf people who use American Sign Language see this language as both a means of communication and a source of cultural unity and pride.

If you're interested in learning American Sign Language to communicate with Deaf people, visit Start American Sign Language to take free online ASL classes.


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