Learn ear training to enjoy playing music.

Absolutely all musicians need ear training.

Ear training is the process of connecting music theory (notes, intervals, chords, etc.) with the sounds we hear.

The more we train our ear to recognize this connection, the more we enjoy playing music, because we learn to understand what we play.

Ear Master has been developed to meet the needs of beginning musicians just as well as those of college students and professionals.

The progressive lessons included in the Standard and Jazz Tutors will increase in difficulty as you become better, and the Customized Training mode will let you focus on specific elements of practice.

The most efficient way to train your ear is ear training software.

Earmaster will provide you with:

1. Progressive lessons made by music teachers that help you build up your skills according to your actual level.

2. New questions, drills and tests each time you use the program so you don't end up knowing the answers by heart.

3. A method that is used by some of the world's most prestigious music schools and conservatories (see our non-exhaustive list).

4. An ear trainer with a potentially unlimited life-span.


Guitar World Acoustic, Feb 2007

Highly Recommended!

"The user-friendly EarMaster Pro 5 by eMedia makes it easy to develop a skill that will make you a better player, composer and all-around maestro"

"This is a terrific program – one that I know will quickly become a staple in my computer lab. It is very well designed and can be used by students of all ages". American Music Teacher MagazineThe American Music Teacher Magazine is a professional and highly respected membership magazine for the Music Teachers National Association. It provides in-depth articles, reviews and regular columns that inform, educate and challenge music teachers all over America.

Guitar International, February 2010

"Incredible resource for musicians of all levels and genres"

EarMaster Pro 5 is an incredible resource for musicians of all levels and genres. It’s extremely easy to use and comes with a wide variety of options and hundreds of lessons on classical, jazz, and rock music. All designed to push the boundaries of the student’s ability to hear, recognize, and understand aural skills and music theory.

Guitar International is a renowned internet-based publication aiming to bring guitarists and other music enthusiasts the best in professional quality news and information on acoustic and electric guitars at no cost.

Keyboard Player Magazine, March 2007

Whole-hearted recommendation of EarMaster 5 " I had a lot of fun playing around with EarMaster 5. It pretty much does what a music teachers does (or should do!) and whilst my opinion is still that no software will ever replace a real teacher, it’s a very useful addition to traditional tuition and, if you are learning on your own, it’s a million per cent better than having no aural training at all. When you start using EarMaster, you very soon recognise the fact that the exercises have all been well thought out, by music teachers, no doubt!

In short I was very impressed by the content, the way that the exercises work, and by the overall quality of the experience when using the program. Whether in use at home or in a school setting, it works simply and simply works. It gets my whole-hearted recommendation for either situation and I’ll most certainly be showing it to my colleagues at my various schools.Keyboard PlayerKeyboard Player is the longest-running keyboard magazine on the UK market, having been published monthly since 1979 appealing mainly"

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