A hearing aid does more than help you to hear.!

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A hearing aid does more than help you to hear. A hearing instrument improves your quality of life and improves your brain's function.

Most often hearing loss sneaks up on you. Suddenly one day you notice that you no longer hear the humming of the refrigerator or or the bird's singing.

On average it takes 10 years for a person with a hearing loss to finally do something about it. The first reaction to a hearing loss is to wait for it to go away. This rarely happens.

Untreated hearing loss affects your quality of life, but it also affects the brain's ability to remember common everyday sounds because the hearing channels are no longer effectively used.

When the hearing nerves lose their function and no longer channel sound signals to the brain, the brain "forgets" the sounds over time and becomes unable to understand them.

Memory weakening

The brain centre for hearing stores sounds and noises for up to three years following the onset of hearing loss. But after about seven years the memory becomes weaker and weaker.

Therefore, it is important to have your hearing tested and hearing aids fitted when you find that you are losing some of your hearing. After fitting of hearing instruments the hearing process resumes suppling signals to the brain.

Learning to hear again

If you delay the fitting of a hearing instrument for any great length of time there could be serious consequences. Even the most tecnically advanced hearing instrument may not be able to transform the incoming signal into understandable information. The brain no longer recognizes ordinary everyday sounds and noises, such as the hum of a refrigator or the noise of a computer. The brain must learn to hear all over again.

Improved quality of life

A study published by the Quality of LIfe Research journal indicated that hearing impaired people estimate their hearing to have improved 100% when treated with hearing instruments. This is in contrast to their belief before being fitted with hearing instruments that their hearing was inadequate.

The researchers conducting the study asked 98 people with hearing loss how they perceived their quality of life after the fitting of hearing aids. The results of the study confirm that people with hearing loss report improvements in their quality of life when they receive and adapt to hearing aids.

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